Rafael Medina, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Augustana College (Biology)
639 38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201

Phone: (309)-794-3438

I am interested in the description and understanding of biodiversity, one of the most exciting human endeavors. My specialty is the integrative taxonomy of plants (in particular, mosses) combining a diverse source of evidence, from morphology to phylogenomics. My main current interest is the evolutionary significance of autopolyploidy (genome duplication) in the moss Physcomitrium pyriforme. I am also interested in Science Communication and have participated in different projects that pursued the effective transmission of the scientific knowledge and critical thinking to the public. As an educator, my fundamental purpose is to cultivate the appreciation of natural history and evolutionary biology among my students.

My scientific career began at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) where I completed my Ph.D. dissertation working on taxonomy and phylogenetics of species of the moss genus Orthotrichum. I later became postdoctoral associate at the University of Connecticut where I conducted my research on the reconstruction of the phylogeny of the family Funariaceae using high-throughput sequencing. Since 2016 I am assistant professor at Augustana College (Illinois) where I continue working on bryophytes and curate the college herbarium.

Check the site to get a better idea of what we do here. If you are a student of Augustana College and you are interested on research opportunities, feel free to contact me.

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